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Closed. Job posting: Climate Visuals Programme Lead & Media Liaison

June 5 2019

Climate Visuals

This vacancy is now closed

Do you want to change the way the public sees climate change?

We're looking for someone to lead our Climate Visuals programme, which exists to fundamentally change the way climate change is visually represented. We believe that climate change imagery needs to be about people, impacted communities, and powerful images of the solutions to climate change. Creating compelling visual and photographic stories about climate change is essential to public attitudes and global policy. We're looking for someone who shares this vision and can lead our work creating this change.

We are seeking a Programme Lead & Media Liaison to grow and expand the Climate Visuals programme and its influence in key sectors, with a particular focus on media and photographic agencies. The role will involve developing a tailored programme of engagement and resources for key international media gatekeepers and decision-makers, advocating for the Climate Visuals approach through professional networks and managing the strategic direction of the programme’s key streams.

Climate Visuals is one of Climate Outreach’s flagship projects, focused on using first-of-its-kind international social research, and a growing library of evidence-based imagery, to permanently change the way that climate change is communicated through the visual medium, and more effectively engage the wider public on climate change.

The successful applicant will be someone who is dynamic and resourceful, with a strong track record in managing comparable programmes and experience in the media, photographic, advertising or creative industries.

For more details, including the job description and application process, please visit our Climate Outreach webpage (Climate Visuals is a Climate Outreach project). 


Photo credit ADB (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)