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About Climate Visuals

Photo credit: Aji Styawan/Getty Images Climate Visuals Grant recipient


Two maintenance men work on a wind turbine in northern Poland near Kobylnica during the winter. This photo of experts at work shows an unusual perspective on wind turbines, and is likely to be seen as credible and authentic. Robert van Waarden / Aurora Photos

Every day, thousands of images of climate change are shared around the world.  

A more compelling and diverse visual language for climate change is urgently required, so Climate Outreach created, an evidence-based image library to compliment our range of bespoke photography, visual services and partnerships.  

Based on international social research in Europe and the US, this unique resource offers seven core principles for effective visual communication, plus a library of images. Climate Visuals aims to strategically change the working practices of influential visual communicators across the world, to catalyse a new - more compelling and diverse - visual language for climate change.

This website contains a growing library of photographs to provide inspiration and guidance for campaigners, picture editors and communications practitioners selecting imagery for communicating climate change. All images are captioned with an explanation of how they fit with the seven Climate Visuals principles, and why they work. Each image is linked to its original source and many are available to download for free under Creative Commons licenses for use in blogs, articles and campaigns.

Wondering where to begin? Go to How to use the Climate Visuals website to get started.

Meet the Team

Climate Visuals is a programme of Climate Outreach, a team of social scientists and climate communication specialists building a social mandate for climate change through wider and deeper public engagement.

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